VO-Planeto Working Group

The arrival of the space data from Mars-Express, Cassini-Huygens, Venus-Express and then BEPI-COLOMBO, militates for a national action in favor of the filing and the enhancement of space data. The CNES and the INSU wish to set up planetary databases on a national scale. In preoccupation with a centralization of the VO-planeto activities in Paris area, the Virtual Observatory part of our activities was developed in the framework of VO-Paris Data Centre. Planetology, very late in the field of valorization and the setting with data layout compared to other fields of astronomy, has the real desire to be invested much more. It is in this objective that we have set up the VO-Planeto Working Group, which met each year since the first time in December 2006, to allow to the members community:

  1. to make knowledge with the VO (for some of them)
  2. to identify together our needs
  3. to make an inventory of the state of art
  4. to clarify our relationships to our national and international authorities such as the CNES, VO-France and ESA, which took an active part in these meetings
Since its creation, the working group actively take part in the development of tools and standard for the IVOA for what concerns the planetology area.

Download the 2006-2008 presentations of the VO-Planeto Workshops:

Since 2009, the working group activity has been oriented towards the EuroPlaNet project, specifically in JRA4 - IDIS. We study the various standards and formats used in planetology, mainly FITS, PDS (and PSA), SPASE and NetCDF and their possible extension in the form of a planetary Virtual Observatory. Read more...