Solar System Objects

Towards a planetary Virtual Observatory

VO-Paris is a participant in the Europlanet-IDIS program, which aims at defining the future European planetary Virual Observatory (VO). VO-Paris is actively implied in the definition of the underlying VO mechanisms and added-value services through the VO-Planeto Working Group which met in December 2009. This activity is responsive to IPDA recommendations for the handling of planetary data.

For more information, visit the VO-Paris Europlanet-IDIS node dedicated to the thematic fields of Planetary Dynamics and Extraterrestrial Matter.


Planetary VO workshops

The current goal of the Planetary VO workshop is to define standards for planetary science by extending existing VO mechanisms and tools (e.g. from IVOA, IPDA or OGC).

VO-Planeto 5 Workshop documents, January 2011:


Planetary objects data bases

VO-Paris provides support to new planetary data bases in a VO context. Such databases are science-driven projects developed in the laboratories.